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Three Prayers

Three Prayers (18-4-99)

I  Star-Burst Blossom Tree


On the train, riding by, I see the tree

In its form I find what I want to be

Branches centred, reaching out and straining

To proffer the first fragrant fruits to all

The fruits of life that is to them sustaining

And in time to come, full fruit to let fall.


II  Sea-Kept Kelp


Amongst the rocks by a fast rising tide

By pools seaweed grows, limply side by side,

Dry and eager for the incoming sea

I see, and know that’s how I want to be

So when the life giving tide lifts me up

Like them we’ll rise as one and fill the space

Keeping our form and unity to face

The world, and give of our life-giving cup.


III  Sun-Saturated Luminescent Leaves


Green leaves, green like I have seen – times before

Always forgotten by the winter’s thaw

Green, lucid and shining, freshly revealed

By them the promise of spring life is sealed

They glow green within the afternoon sun

Intertwined colours by the leaves undone

And the strand of green sent toward by eye

Filled with the power of the beam from the sky

Yet of its own nature and soul imbued

Though sunless its character fades subdued

So I wish to be – reflection of God

Who is my sun and my only life-source

Yet in his grace I know my own nature

Will shine out truly, great of stature

Since it’s renewed by Him; He gives the force

To shine out myself, yet still reflect God.





(c) Nathanael Lewis 1999