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Strange Stratagy

Let all of heaven adore
At Bethlehem’s stable door
Let rough shepherds rush from their freezing field
To see the saviour of the world revealed
Let wise men from the East bow their knee
At this scene of humble pageantry

Let joy and wonder intertwine
To weave the tale of Christmas time
Such a fragile flower of hope sublime
A slender thread, a vulnerable line
On which to hang the fate of a fallen world
Soft head of a baby in a manger curled.

Strange strategy to display
The wonder of love’s own way
Path of humble vulnerability
To stand against this world’s cruelty
Survivors guilt from a mad king’s rage
Refugees flight at a tender age

So let heartfelt hope be released
When we’re stalked by the fearful beast
Of violence, guilt, fear or despair increased
In our lives, for freedom’s found in this feast
Though it seems sin’s scissors are poised at the line
Of our umbilical cord to the divine