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24-7 Society

Twenty-Four – Seven Society


All sense of proportion gone,

A streaming headless mass we rush on,

All sense of rhyme and reason and rhythm gone,

An endless screaming round we run,

Twenty-four hour jobs and shopping and films,

Entertainment for free with the hidden cost,

It goes on and on and we ‘enjoy’ alone,

Job demands that you work part-time,

But we have all your time – you must be flexible

To cover the days of those whose job is also

Without rhythm or rhyme, and we wonder

Why society is rent with myriad angers

And crushing despair born of bleary eyes,

No stop, no pause, no rest,

Are we sure we really are

Willing to pay the price?


Endless rushing by,

Leaving so many left forlorn,

Each one in a bubble of their own,

Enclosed by metal and glass car door,

As the endless blessed drive by,

The people poor and forlorn,

By an attitude of the heart

Shown on the face,

That drives us apart,

By the blue lure of the TV,

That empties neighbours doors,

As it shares with each a private feast,

And we’re bombarded by messages

Bidding us seek to acquire the best,

And know eternal happiness,

All at the random, directed request,

Of firms which are on an infernal eternal money-quest,

Our souls mock us because we’ve mocked them,

By seeking selfish happiness in the silliest of things,

And do we find that we’re blessed,

Or do we join the depths of the infernal depressed,

Because our expectations are thrust up high,

We learn self-seeking savage indifference,

At the expense of our common humanity.


(c) Nathanael Lewis 14-06-2001