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UK media miss the plot on the Egypt church bombing

How the media reports things can be subtly distorting, never more so than when key contextual details are left out.  ITN report on bombing is one case in point.  Granted you can’t report everything – particularly in a video report, and yet, and yet, it looks like a very PC template that they force the story into…..  They report the bombing, then report that the Christians clashed with police and stormed a mosque.  It leaves the impression that just like in Islamic doctrine about minorities (one steps out of line, the whole community is liable for punishment) they randomly target a mosque in retaliation.  In fact, what was left out is the fact that when the bomb went off outside the church, the Muslims in this nearby mosque came out and celebrated, shouting Allah Akhbar and then proceeded to trample on the body parts of the Christian victims as they lay scattered on the street.  That was why the Copts responded by throwing stones and storming the mosque.  Can you blame them?  It wasn’t a revenge attack on a random mosque, it was a response to a mosque whose inhabitants had just blatantly celebrated the attack and shown utter contempt for the victims.  That rather puts things in a different light, particularly the government claim that both Muslims and Christians were targeted – the nearby mosque might have been slightly damaged, but the car was placed outside the church, not the mosque.   And notice how it rather differs to the neutral seeming statement that this was just another sectarian violence incident, as if this was something like the Kenyan riots or something.   A ‘neutrality’ rather undermined by the fact that but the utterly proven over and over again fact of virulent discrimination (including regular kidnap, drugging, rape and forced conversion and marriage of attractive Coptic teenage girls, and the complicity of the police and security forces who frequently attack, mock and obstruct the distraught parents) is merely ‘claimed’.  It blandly parrots the government line that this was the work of a lone foreign outsider, an al-qaeda suicide bomber.  This despite the fact that witnesses clearly state that they saw two men drive the car up to the front of the church, then get out and walk away.  Oh, this when Churches were supposed to have special security forces protection due to al-qaeda and other islamicist threats against the coptic church (on the basis that two priests wives had converted to Islam and despite stating that they never had are allegedly being forced and brainwashed to ‘revert’ to Christianity – a typical Islamicist projection of their own wickedness onto their victims) – where were these forces?  Well, the bulk of them had conveniently disappeared an hour before the car-bomb arrived, only to suddenly re-appear to fire tear-gas at the protesting Copts…..  And that says a lot.  It pretty much is a parable of the political situation there.  The insistence that it must be the act of a lone insider serves two purposes – it is being used by Mubarrak to try and claim Muslims and Copts are in this together – Egyptians united against the outsider – which is a farce.  Secondly, we here tell that the Egyptian state is against Islamicist groups like the Muslim brotherhood and treats them harshly.  That is partly true, but with a massive sting in the tail.  The government is harsh with them when they act or agitate against the state.  When it comes to agitating against Copts, claiming that their monasteries are full of weapons and ammunition and bombs supplied by Mossad (again, notice the Islamicists projections of their own crimes onto their victims – finds of arms in mosques is not at all unknown….), claiming that they are forcing women to re-convert by kidnapping, and so on, then the government is anything but harsh.  The government when it wants to will interfere with press freedom, but it has certainly not blocked the outpouring of Islamicist agitation from the semi-controlled media.  And then this same outpouring causes the al-Qaeda in Iraq to fulminate and threaten against the Copts.  And the security forces disappear just before the bomb arrives.  State security complicity in attacks on on Egyptians is far from unknown.

Another article that twists things is found here – MSN / PA report – it reports that protesting Copts initiated the clashes with Muslims at the mosque, carefully not mentioning the specific provocation of the worshippers at that mosque.

The BBC report is a bit more nuanced, but even here, it reports on Islamic Egyptian leaders (many of whom are responsible for perpetuating the discrimination against the Copts) offering condolences and solidarity, as well as the vile Muslim brotherhood (who, according to African refugees and NGO’s who deal with them, is running a system of kidnap, blackmail, torture and sex-slaves, and potentially also forcibly removing organs from victims for transplant trade in camps in the Sinai, with the Egyptian government seemingly not interested in looking into), and the President, and then says that ‘despite this’ the Copts rioted and attacked the nearby mosque.  At least it hinted at some of the grave concerns of Coptic clergy and leaders.  Just before Christmas the BBC showed a report that gives a peek at some of what the Copts suffer

For the balancing details of the Muslims response – see this report and watch this video where you can hear the cries of Allah Akhbar and the whistling jubilations of the muslims from the mosque.

So pray for our brothers and sisters, not only here, but also in Pakistan – I have been talking to some of them, now that the main opponent of the hideous blasphemy laws has been assassinated, and the ‘moderate’ moslem scholars are celebrating it and banning mourning for his death, leaving the church even more precarious than before – but also, don’t believe everything you read in the Mainstream UK media reports – be aware that there is likely to be a whole lot more that puts a totally different light on things.