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Coptic Christians praying in Tahrir

BBC bias and Egyptian Christians – again


http://blog.standforisrael.org/articles/islamic-power-goes-unchecked 10,000 mob of Muslim men – incited by state-TV call to attack protestors, mobs attacked any car suspected had Christians in it

http://aina.org/news/20111011160141.htm Rule of law in Egypt ending, parallels to Syria

http://aina.org/news/20111011155636.htm On the ‘fair and balanced’ Egyptian and Western media coverage of Cairo massacre, implying Christians on rampage, killing soldiers, the beating of Christian by 20 police while shouting ‘you infidel son of a bitch’ local intelligence head directed initial burning of church, tactic of calling church a ‘guest house’

http://www.light-dark.net/vb/showthread.php?p=7370#post7370 Graphic images of victims


http://aina.org/news/20111010150110.htm State says no soldiers killed – ‘was due to a distraught news anchor’, state media claimed Christians were attacking army, thus inciting hatred against Christians, evidence of army complicity in original ‘civilian’ mob attacks (not Salafi’s / paid thugs – people incited by claims that Christians were aggressors and bearing arms

http://aina.org/news/20111010230739.htm State TV – claims that Christians burned Quran, leading to attack on Coptic hospital where victims treated, soldiers deliberately disobeyed orders by firing on Copts