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One day – first and last

I have been researching for a talk I have to give on the days in Genesis 1, and I found this curious parallel between the first day in Genesis 1.3-5 and the ‘last day’ – the ‘day of the Lord’ in Zechariah 14.6-7.

Both passages use a very distinctive and unusual phrase ‘yom echad’ – day one.  (In the latter case translated in the NIV as ‘a unique day’).

In Genesis 1, the day is concerned with the separation of light and dark into day and night, and then comes the standard phrase delineating the end of one day and the start of the next – and there was evening (darkness), and there was morning (light).

In the Zechariah text all this order is subverted – this is a unique day known to the Lord, where there is no day and no night, and where at evening, there is light!

In other words, this is a last day, in some sense, where God shows all is undone by reversing the work of the first day of creation – that will be an awesome day!!!!