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If Jesus Blessed the Children Today

If Jesus blessed the children (08-09-15) If Jesus blessed the children today He would be accused of foulest play For he placed them – horror – upon his lap Therefore he must be a most dodgy chap He placed his hands upon their head So he must want them in his bed So for Jesus… Read more »

The Relentless Gardener and the Grimmest Rose

The Relentless Gardener and the Rose : A Poetic Meditation In a garden of beautiful flowers, in amongst the colour and the life there stands a single rose, it’s petals black and withered, bare, with a stem full of barbaric thorns. All around this poisoned plant, flowers bloom, butterflies and bees buzz and flutter, but… Read more »

Calculator and money coins

Jesus and the minimum wage

There is much debate in the UK about the role of the welfare state and the economy.  Similar debates go on in the USA, where some fiscal (ultra) conservatives have tried to use the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20 to argue that Jesus would have opposed any notion of a minimum wage…. Read more »

Roswell and God

I’ve been watching the last episodes of Roswell series 2. Not a good use of my time I’ll admit, but the closing line of the final episode struck me. Here’s Max Evans, the steely leader making hard moral choices, he’s just banished his pregnant wife whom he has learned killed a good friend as part… Read more »