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Holy Warriors of Extreme Islam

Holy Warriors : A Fresh look at the face of the extreme Islam.  Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing.  cialis Authentic Lifestyle, Milton Keynes, 2002, paperback, 117 pages. I thoroughly recommend this brief book for anyone wanting to gain a basic understanding of the  issues surrounding the nature and history of both Islam and extreme Islam and… Read more »

The Resurrection Code – Part 1

The Resurrection Code : Mary Magdalene and the Easter Enigma   Mark Stibbe   Authentic Media, Milton Keynes, 2008 154pages, paperback The author starts by stating his boyhood fascination with Sherlock Holmes and his desire to be a detective or criminal lawyer, and then noting how the same characteristics of uncovering secrets apply to his work as… Read more »

The Resurrection Code – Part 2

Part Deux Finally comes chapter 5, Searching the Source, which deals with the question of who was behind this code.  As this is the most revolutionary part of the book, I will deal with it in more detail.  Stibbe makes a distinction between narrator and author – they are not necessarily the same.  Narrators are… Read more »

The apostolic Fathers

The Apostolic Fathers : Greek Texts and English Translations  Edited and Revised by Michael W Holmes.    Baker Books  Grand Rapids, Michigan   (c) 1992, 1999  613 pages The Apostolic Fathers is a name given to the authors of Christian documents from about the period 70-135 AD – in other words, the earliest Christian writers we have… Read more »

From Hitlerite to Christian – historical autobiography

What can man do to me?  The Spiritual Journey of a young woman : From Nazi Dogma to Faith in Christ.  By Erika Wolzak, with Lothar von Seltmann.  (c) 2005  Translated by Damaris Walter and Richard Herkes  (c) 2009  David C Cooke / Kingsway communications Ltd, Eastbourne.  186 pages This is the recollections of a… Read more »

Looking Good, being Bad – Adrian Plass

Looking Good, Being Bad : The Subtle Art of Churchmanship  Adrian Plass, Authentic Media, Milton Keynes, 2009  Hardback, 206 pages This wry book is in the form of a church seminary annual report, but the content is a cross between the Screwtape Letters, and… well, um, Adrian Plass, actually.  The College of Churchmanship deals with… Read more »