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Paganism, Easter, and Anti-semitism : Letter to the Editor

A Mr Nevin of Bangor, County Down, wrote a letter to the Daily Mail urging that the term Easter is pagan and should be dropped as offensive and implicitly anti-semitic.  I replied, although I don’t know whether it will be published or not.  Also, since the letters are not widely available, I have set out… Read more »

Three brutal bible hacks – and the anti-semitic dark side of dispensationalism.

In exposing the heresy of popular hyper-dispensationalist website teacher Dom Samdahl, I came across a comment where he stated Israel had committed the unpardonable sin, and linked to a Berean Bible Society article in support, called ‘Three Brutal Murders’. Well, I read it, and it is so typically dispensationalist – just enough truth to deceive,… Read more »