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From Hitlerite to Christian – historical autobiography

What can man do to me?  The Spiritual Journey of a young woman : From Nazi Dogma to Faith in Christ.  By Erika Wolzak, with Lothar von Seltmann.  (c) 2005  Translated by Damaris Walter and Richard Herkes  (c) 2009  David C Cooke / Kingsway communications Ltd, Eastbourne.  186 pages

This is the recollections of a young woman in the BMD (Federation of German Girls) under Hitler in World War 2, who has a very ardent Nazi for a mother.  The story starts in 1944 as things start to look grim, and tell how the bombing of their house begins  a journey to a mixed German/Polish farming village in the East via a devout Christian Aunt who starts to make Erika wonder about Nazi-ism.  When the vengeful Russians invade the village, bringing tragedy, the young Erika has prepared a temporary hiding place to escape unwanted attention.  However, she is found and deported to work in the hellish Russian labour camps where Online Pokies the woman drop dead in cattle trucks on their way, and the survivors are subject to violent ‘special services’ as well as lethally hard work.

Through all this, Erika – who knew nothing of the Bible or God except her aunt’s words and her confirmation bible verse (Psalm 118.6-7) from years before, which she prayed every time danger is near – is miraculously spared.  Eventually she returns to a shattered Germany and starts to work on a farm, where she meets her husband to be.  They are still married now, and the author is obviously still deeply in love, with the finale of the book being a pretty detailed recounting of their cheek-filled courtship.

If you want to know something of how people were won to Christ out of Nazi-ism, to expand your knowledge of the horrors of war and national vengeance, or the issues on the ground involved in rebuilding a Nazi nation, then this one is for you.