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God’s Family lamb

So, this is a song that I wrote recently.  I haven’t yet put any chords to it, but it’s the kind of tune that they should just fall into place.  Here’s the PDF of the score God s Family Lamb – I hope it works for people – for some reason it won’t download from my PC, but so far every other device seems fine.

I hope to have a sound file of the tune up soon, and maybe a version with piano.

In the meantime, here are the words

Born in the fields round Bethlehem
Raised to die in Jerusalem
Sign of God’s deliverance
From ancient angel of doom
Lamb’s now born for a holy cause
To atone for God’s broken laws
But their deep significance
Points towards an empty tomb

Picked from the flock, pet for a time
Part of the family for a sign
Treasure doomed for ransoming
So God’s beloved live free
Now bearing its family’s own name
Brought out crucified on a frame
Fit for solemn consuming
The blood price of liberty.

Jesus, God’s own Passover Lamb.
God’s own family extended to man
To all who will eat the meat
Of God’s human mercy seat
Who will drink the blood of His wine
Offered by God’s perfect design
This sacrifice God has sealed:
Resurrection has revealed
The eternal life that is found
In the Divine Lamb that was bound.

As Israel’s national Lamb
Entered Zion, so too did a man
Feted in the same way
By the crowds who would watch him die
The same holy psalms, and palms waved
By the ones whose souls could be saved
By the price that He would pay
Our eternal life to buy.

On the Judgement day that is to come
We will rely on the Risen Son
On that day of wrath we’ll cry
‘The Lamb’s blood is within me’
Angels of death will surely go past
If we hold firm until the last
Flood of fire shall pass us by
Face of the Lamb we then shall see

Jesus, God’s own Passover Lamb.
God’s own family extended to man
To all who consume the bread
Of flesh risen from the dead
God’s own promise written in red
Blood to avail for all who have fed
On the Lamb who is God’s own:
For His faithful saints He’s sown
Supernatural bread that is sourced
In the Lamb that God has endorsed.

(c) Nathanael Lewis 2017