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Nat’s reading

Well, on the Archaeological front, today’s theme is Rome, with the probable find of Nero’s (apparently) famous revolving dining room and the discovery of a major port.

If you want a (whisper the word) creationist take on the finds of a ‘textile factory’ in Georgia, you could try http://creation.com/ancient-textile-factory

Jaws eat your heart (and stomach) out on a dinosaur at http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/09/090928-fossil-shark-feeding-frenzy.html

For social comment on a theme of the day,


For anyone who reckons the bible has something to say about the East in the last days, fodder for thought and support at


And on the topic of apocalyptic last days scenarios, you might not like the sight (or rather sound) of this – and cvil libertarians can take concerned note too


Political correctness deferring to Islam strikes again, it seems, along with a network that must terrify it’s victims :


Spare a thought (and more preferably a prayer or more) as well for the many converts to Christianity from Islam who live in fear of their lives …. in the UK.

Sneak Shariah in the US – listen here :


It ain’t much different in the UK.

And finally, a warning about the dangers of plug ins from trusted sources without reading the end user agreement – you have been warned


Good night, sleep tight!