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Facebook Gethsemane

Tis deception to say I surely would keep That dark watch with Jesus, that I would not sleep As of old; Yes, my spirit too is willing, But so too my modern flesh is yet so weak Not with heavy eyes, perhaps, but with filling Time with distractions – that of which I now speak… Read more »

If Jesus Blessed the Children Today

If Jesus blessed the children (08-09-15) If Jesus blessed the children today He would be accused of foulest play For he placed them – horror – upon his lap Therefore he must be a most dodgy chap He placed his hands upon their head So he must want them in his bed So for Jesus… Read more »

The Relentless Gardener and the Grimmest Rose

The Relentless Gardener and the Rose : A Poetic Meditation In a garden of beautiful flowers, in amongst the colour and the life there stands a single rose, it’s petals black and withered, bare, with a stem full of barbaric thorns. All around this poisoned plant, flowers bloom, butterflies and bees buzz and flutter, but… Read more »

The Fight

The church where this happened   © Copyright Jim Bain and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. The Fight Walk the street, See a couple, By the church, Wrestling. Think they’re love wrestling, And suddenly realize, They’re not. In the street they fight, While humanity Streams by, wide birth, Well clear, British. She… Read more »


For clarity, this is my imagination from when I saw a poster for a film glorifying evil U-Turn (28-11-98) My life was borne On the sluggish waters Of empty boredom, What I wanted, I had Trainers, videos, stereos Cars, CD’s, computer games Posters, tracksuits and parties, And yet life was a drunken haze Even when… Read more »

Three Prayers

Three Prayers (18-4-99) I  Star-Burst Blossom Tree   On the train, riding by, I see the tree In its form I find what I want to be Branches centred, reaching out and straining To proffer the first fragrant fruits to all The fruits of life that is to them sustaining And in time to come,… Read more »


Trinity  (4-3-97) Words are like arrows Shot into the heavens Only to fall back again Having missed their mark; Praise is an arrow driven by love And tipped with embrace And feathered by thankfulness And it hits the mark.   (c) Nathanael Lewis 1997

Whisper of Whimsy on the Wind

Whisper of Whimsy on the Wind (16-8-98) Shoulder high, swaying free The fields, the crops, the winds and me, The life Spirit within Dancing like the thistle-heads around But carried by joy, not whim Like the myriad fluffballs, my swaying surround.   And yet, see, whim has beauty And beauty’s dance partner is high purity… Read more »


Dawn (14-05-97) In the beginning – Father, Son and Spirit, Three In the beginning – Father, Son and Spirit, free.   At the fall – Father, Son and Spirit at the tree The Three pierced at the start of history.   Out of the two lands, by the hand of the Mighty Father, Son and… Read more »


Butterfly (15-01-97) When I, a cocoon, began to emerge Was I retarded by some surge Of hostile chemical, a teaching, That fatally misconstrued my aim? How did I end up this way, And only now I begin to see I erred Because of one-sided attitude Not all the needed nutrients given Imbalance deadly and pervasive… Read more »