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Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer

Noah’s Watery Chaos

So, someone said that as a theologian, I should go and review the new ‘Noah’ movie.  (Mother : ‘Why did you see that when you recommended I didn’t?’ – Well, this was as good an excuse as any 🙂 ).  There have been lots of reviews in the Christian world ranging from ‘Great, a bible… Read more »

Coptic Christians praying in Tahrir

BBC bias and Egyptian Christians – again

http://www.natlewis.co.uk/?p=155 http://blog.standforisrael.org/articles/islamic-power-goes-unchecked 10,000 mob of Muslim men – incited by state-TV call to attack protestors, mobs attacked any car suspected had Christians in it http://aina.org/news/20111011160141.htm Rule of law in Egypt ending, parallels to Syria http://aina.org/news/20111011155636.htm On the ‘fair and balanced’ Egyptian and Western media coverage of Cairo massacre, implying Christians on rampage, killing soldiers, the… Read more »

UK media miss the plot on the Egypt church bombing

How the media reports things can be subtly distorting, never more so than when key contextual details are left out.  ITN report on bombing is one case in point.  Granted you can’t report everything – particularly in a video report, and yet, and yet, it looks like a very PC template that they force the… Read more »