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Nat Lewis with a Bible

Does the New Testament teach that the law is abolished?

Many times, I am accused of daring to call myself a Christian and yet having a positive view of the Law in the Christian life.  Here is my response to one such accusation.  I thought some people might find it useful, so here goes……. It depends what you mean by ‘preaching the law as in… Read more »

Calculator and money coins

Jesus and the minimum wage

There is much debate in the UK about the role of the welfare state and the economy.  Similar debates go on in the USA, where some fiscal (ultra) conservatives have tried to use the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20 to argue that Jesus would have opposed any notion of a minimum wage…. Read more »

Naked truth

I read an article about a church at a nudist colony today.  The pastor justifies it by saying that  Jesus was naked at important events – when he was born, when he was crucified and when he was raised from the dead. Fine, so be naked when you are born, when you are crucified and… Read more »

One day – first and last

I have been researching for a talk I have to give on the days in Genesis 1, and I found this curious parallel between the first day in Genesis 1.3-5 and the ‘last day’ – the ‘day of the Lord’ in Zechariah 14.6-7. Both passages use a very distinctive and unusual phrase ‘yom echad’ –… Read more »

Ezra Acts on Prayer, Slavery and Brief Moments of Grace

Today several passages struck me.  First was Acts 16.16.  ‘One day as we were going down to the place of prayer….’  Firstly, I think the passage implies that Paul and his group regularly went to the place of prayer in the city – especially given that the very first thing they did when they reached… Read more »

Plastic Christmas

Plastic Christmas – in more ways than one.  Tinsel, credit cards maxed out on gifts, pressure to perform in the presents game, lighted figures of elves and Rudolph and Santa and bunnies and whatever.  I guess it’s standard fare in sermons and Christmas essays to bemoan the commercialization and secularization of Christmas.  Mustn’t be offensive… Read more »