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The power of suggestion

Good old Al Gore.  He sure does know how to twist a debate.  His target now is his former political comrade in arms, Rick Perry, now a likely Republican candidate for the Presidency.  Rick Perry had apparently said that ‘I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data, so that they… Read more »

Hobo Oboe

My latest little tune.  Hand’s off, it’s mine!

A Cry for God’s grace in Chronicles : a Theme for 2011

Further to my posting about Ezra, here is another example of the theme of God’s grace relating to Temple building that is found in the Old Testament.  The context is that King David is praying for his son and heir Solomon about the building of the Temple and he prays this for the people of… Read more »

Comments policy

Grand sounding, but – here goes.  Nothing offensive or gratuitous will be posted (except gratuitous pandering of my ego – and maybe not even then) and anything of that nature, or that looks remotely like spam will be promptly deleted.

How dare they do that to Christmas!

Here in Newcastle we have a shop in the main shopping street called Fenwicks, famous for having a large Christmas display in it’s shop window every year.  Sometimes it is Santa, other times scenes from books, like Gullivers Travels.  Every few years they do a traditional nativity scene, and this year is one of those… Read more »

Forensic Financial Detective Work

‘Sometimes the truth is arrived at by adding all the little lies together and deducting them from the totality of what is known.’ Terry Pratchett From his novel Thud! (the context being that of investigation into monetary fraud).

Nat’s reading

Well, on the Archaeological front, today’s theme is Rome, with the probable find of Nero’s (apparently) famous revolving dining room and the discovery of a major port. If you want a (whisper the word) creationist take on the finds of a ‘textile factory’ in Georgia, you could try http://creation.com/ancient-textile-factory Jaws eat your heart (and stomach)… Read more »

Welcome… again

Unfortunately the servers crashed, wiping out a lot of work, so I am having to rebuild what little there was, remembering to save everything in word and not online!!