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A concert of Autism – Public

So, this is quite a personal article, inspired by one particular situation and some of this article is very personal.  Some of it is meant for only one or two people, who will get the password to the private version!  But others might find much of it useful, and not just those who know me,… Read more »

Tracing the Covenant Ark II – The Making of the Ark

Back to the start at Part 1. This is part two of a talk I gave at Beit Yeshua in January 2017, or at least I got through what I could in the time limits available, and what I did get through was well received. Let’s look at the making of the ark of the covenant. … Read more »

The Christmas Passover Lamb – the hidden link: A Christmas sermon

Christmas time again. It means many things to many people, from loneliness and family strife to a kind of warm schmaltz with ideals of log fires and sleigh rides and jazzy Christmas numbers on the stereo. Even when we think about the original Christmas story, it tends to have a kind of mythic bubble around… Read more »

Remembering London’s Great Fire Reveals a Lesson in Godly Feminism

The old saw is that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, or something like that. Today is in the middle of the anniversary of the Great fire of London (1st to 3rd September 1666) when huge swathes of London were destroyed, but with only a few lives lost. That’s 350 years ago,… Read more »