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Does the Genesis dominion mandate in Psalm 8 only relate to Jesus as divine Messiah?

Does Paul’s use of Psalm 8 in 1 Corinthians 15 mean that the Genesis ‘dominion mandate’ necessarily only belongs to Jesus as divine Messiah? ABSTRACT A recent creationist article by Isaacs challenged the traditional view that the ‘dominion mandate’ in Genesis 1 extends to all of humanity, even in a post-Fall world. After a brief… Read more »

Ancient wisdom and modern news

A wise person hungers for cialis online cialis truth, while the fool feeds on trash. Prov. 15:14 And what does that say about so much of our modern newspapers and the society they market to?

Torah as changing bones

I was just thinking about how can the Torah be eternal, like the Tanakh says, and yet have changing iterations (eg Abraham – if you want to count that, then the Sinai covenant, then alterations ready for the land in Deuteronomy, and then the change in emphasis brought in by Yeshua), and the best analogy… Read more »