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A thoughtful Synagogue sermon

I found this very thought provoking article – a script for a Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement – the holiest day of the Jewish year) sermon by the Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Orens. He talks Pokies about Jonah and the impoderable quandries of political decision-making and statesmanship, and asks what would you do… Read more »

Passion in Durham

Luke Finch Live in Durham Amazing worship and intercession in Tramadol Durham.  Go God!!  Click the link above and listen!

Making sense of confusion

As always in the evangelical and charismatic church there is huge confusion and disagreement about the nature of many things going on. I found this excellent prophecy made in 1965, spoken by one Stanley Frodsham. I first found it here, and then a slightly fuller version (with all of the introductory section) here.. I reckon it… Read more »