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Letter to the Media re Norway shooting reporting

Dear Editor, Whilst reading the coverage of the awful events in Norway, I noticed a repeated phrase in media reports and comment, including that of the Daily Mail, to the effect that the shooter was a ‘right-wing Christian fundamentalist extremist’. Right-wing and extreme is without question, but the ‘Christian fundamentalist’ is factually false. A Christian… Read more »

Why half the CofE is committing suicide

Ah Pentecost!  The day when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower the church for the telling of the glorious good news that Jesus came and is the only way to salvation.  Except in the Church of England it seems.  Today, the visiting vicar, fresh from celebrating 50 years of ‘priesting’, chose… Read more »

Richard Rives Twisting Tertullian

These days the big think in many conservative evangelical circles is to excavate ‘true Christianity’ from 20 centuries of pagan contamination.  While I can sympathize with the sentiment, there’s an awful lot of specious rubbish in the movement.  Any possible early church father quote is used to demonstrate early contamination with pagan ideas, and anything… Read more »

Delusional Newcastle Socialist

I found this article from way back a couple of years ago, before my host crashed and wiped all my posts. Pretty much every Saturday there are socialist campaigners and activists at the Monument in Newcastle. It’s interesting to watch the flags. Always Cuba, frequently Palestine, but now I’m seeing the flag of those lovely… Read more »

An Evolutionists sermon

The other week, a moderately senior cleric came and preached at my local parish church. As it was Passion Sunday, he talked about atonement theories, with his particular target being penal substitution and similar theories. He wanted to promote the idea that the power of Jesus death was mainly in the moral example it sets… Read more »

Evil Zionist Vulture

A seemingly innocent ecological institution has been revealed as a key player in Zionism’s global conspiracy to take over the world.  They were outed when Saudi officials spotted one of their nefarious minions going about it’s spying activities.  Yes, the vulture was mossad trained because it had been tagged by an Israeli academic institution and… Read more »

No Amen

Have you ever heard a sermon that you really felt you couldn’t say ‘Amen’ to? I did today.  It’s the joys of having an interregnum in the local church.  Retired and other local priests take in turns to take the service, and we have what we might call ‘the battle of the sermons’.  When we… Read more »

Stupid ASA decision

The Advertising Standards Authority – supposed to be non-political – has made a very stupid political decision, banning the Israeli Tourism ministry from using a picture of the Wailing Wall (the remains of Herod’s Temple from Jesus’ time) in their brochures. Dear Sir, I am emailing about the ridiculous decision made by the ASA regarding… Read more »

Guardian does it again!

The Guardian does it again.  It seems like they have managed to twist reality with selective facts in their article ‘Jerusalem issue ‘a red line’ says Jordan’s king’ on 17 March 2010.  Admittedly it was about Arab reactions to an event, but even so…. talk about one-sided.  The event in question is the rebuilding of… Read more »

Fishy breath and sexy evolution

Let’s talk about the evolution of fish to amphibians. I got to thinking, let’s just isolate one factor – change in breathing from gills to lungs, from underwater breathing to air breathing. If you have some kind of half-way stage, then I’d say you have a survival of the fittest problem. According to evolutionary theory,… Read more »