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Gay albatrosses for the Farmer Woman

I originally posted this article just before the servers went down under the title Dissecting a dismally deceitful generic cialis article : A review of ‘Why the Animal world says it’s good to be gay’ by Jo Steele, Metro Newspaper 17-06-09.  I promised a work colleague that I’d put it up here and mention her –… Read more »

Making sense of confusion

As always in the evangelical and charismatic church there is huge confusion and disagreement about the nature of many things going on. I found this excellent prophecy made in 1965, spoken by one Stanley Frodsham. I first found it here, and then a slightly fuller version (with all of the introductory section) here.. I reckon it… Read more »

Delusional Headlines

Sometimes I read a newspaper article and cannot believe my eyes. Today is one of those days. Yup, this is a rant. The source of my ire is this article from the Daily Telegraph : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/palestinianauthority/6263380/Hamas-and-Fatah-to-sign-unity-deal-in-Middle-East-peace-boost.html So let’s get this straight – a unity deal between an organization (Fatah) that at the least teeters on… Read more »