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No Amen

Have you ever heard a sermon that you really felt you couldn’t say ‘Amen’ to? I did today.  It’s the joys of having an interregnum in the local church.  Retired and other local priests take in turns to take the service, and we have what we might call ‘the battle of the sermons’.  When we… Read more »

Stupid ASA decision

The Advertising Standards Authority – supposed to be non-political – has made a very stupid political decision, banning the Israeli Tourism ministry from using a picture of the Wailing Wall (the remains of Herod’s Temple from Jesus’ time) in their brochures. Dear Sir, I am emailing about the ridiculous decision made by the ASA regarding… Read more »

Young Caves, Old Misconceptions – Event

A former head of the worlds first Speleological Institute (Speleology means the study of caves), is coming to speak in Newcastle on May 6th.  Yes, that is the election night, so if you want to avoid the fever between voting and watching the results come out, this might be just the distraction you are looking… Read more »

Beauty Bare – An Easter Song

O perfect love, that sets me free O sacrifice that speaks to me Of my Fathers love and care That lays God’s beauty bare O my soul, feast on this Make his love your bliss Tender God who with fierce fire Endured hell to lift me higher A fighting love that drove the Son To… Read more »

Guardian does it again!

The Guardian does it again.  It seems like they have managed to twist reality with selective facts in their article ‘Jerusalem issue ‘a red line’ says Jordan’s king’ on 17 March 2010.  Admittedly it was about Arab reactions to an event, but even so…. talk about one-sided.  The event in question is the rebuilding of… Read more »

Fishy breath and sexy evolution

Let’s talk about the evolution of fish to amphibians. I got to thinking, let’s just isolate one factor – change in breathing from gills to lungs, from underwater breathing to air breathing. If you have some kind of half-way stage, then I’d say you have a survival of the fittest problem. According to evolutionary theory,… Read more »

Roswell and God

I’ve been watching the last episodes of Roswell series 2. Not a good use of my time I’ll admit, but the closing line of the final episode struck me. Here’s Max Evans, the steely leader making hard moral choices, he’s just banished his pregnant wife whom he has learned killed a good friend as part… Read more »

Passion in Durham

Luke Finch Live in Durham Amazing worship and intercession in Tramadol Durham.  Go God!!  Click the link above and listen!

Theistic Evolution Event

I will be speaking at an event later this month – Friday 20th November in Sunderland. I will be speaking first, with a working title of ‘Schizophrenic Creator?’ For more details, see here

Sharia UK – it’s here today

At the weekend I heard someone I know (a little bit, anyway) mention to me – and 200 other people – that he had driven through Dewsbury, and that de facto Sharia law was in operation there, with signs on garages and shops saying ‘No whites allowed’ and ‘Whites not welcome’.  Perhaps you think that… Read more »