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An Evolutionists sermon

The other week, a moderately senior cleric came and preached at my local parish church. As it was Passion Sunday, he talked about atonement theories, with his particular target being penal substitution and similar theories. He wanted to promote the idea that the power of Jesus death was mainly in the moral example it sets… Read more »

What’s the word on Climate Change?

Metro Newspaper yet again. Thursday March 10th with a title as above. It says ‘More people believe in climate change than global warming – even though it is the same thing, a new study suggests. Almost 75 percent of people said they believed in the phenomenon of changing temperatures across the globe when it was… Read more »

Hand-crafted – or handily crafted non-argument?

In the Mini-Cosm section of the Metro newspaper on 8th March 2011 was an article entitled ‘Hand-Crafted’.  I tried to look for the original article, but it appears to be in a science journal I’d have to fork out a lot of cash for; however I did find a few fuller articles on the internet… Read more »

Evil Zionist Vulture

A seemingly innocent ecological institution has been revealed as a key player in Zionism’s global conspiracy to take over the world.  They were outed when Saudi officials spotted one of their nefarious minions going about it’s spying activities.  Yes, the vulture was mossad trained because it had been tagged by an Israeli academic institution and… Read more »

Brothers Divided

Here are some details of a conference I am organizing (you can also see info at http://www.ukchristians.net/events/brothers-divided) Basically scholars speaking on Jewish Monotheism and Trinity in the New Testament and Jewish Christian relations in the last medieval and reformation periods.  If you can’t come, then tell other people who may want to come £15 for… Read more »

Charity concert results

After my two charity concerts, we raised £340.46.  80% will go to the British Pakistani Christian Associations Flood appeal and 20% will go to Barnabas Fund’s work in aiding the Flood victims.  I make that about £224 and £56.46 respectively!  This will aid those who are being denied aid because of their faith!

A thoughtful Synagogue sermon

I found this very thought provoking article – a script for a Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement – the holiest day of the Jewish year) sermon by the Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Orens. He talks Pokies about Jonah and the impoderable quandries of political decision-making and statesmanship, and asks what would you do… Read more »

Ancient wisdom and modern news

A wise person hungers for cialis online cialis truth, while the fool feeds on trash. Prov. 15:14 And what does that say about so much of our modern newspapers and the society they market to?

Torah as changing bones

I was just thinking about how can the Torah be eternal, like the Tanakh says, and yet have changing iterations (eg Abraham – if you want to count that, then the Sinai covenant, then alterations ready for the land in Deuteronomy, and then the change in emphasis brought in by Yeshua), and the best analogy… Read more »