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Does the Genesis dominion mandate in Psalm 8 only relate to Jesus as divine Messiah?

Does Paul’s use of Psalm 8 in 1 Corinthians 15 mean that the Genesis ‘dominion mandate’ necessarily only belongs to Jesus as divine Messiah? ABSTRACT A recent creationist article by Isaacs challenged the traditional view that the ‘dominion mandate’ in Genesis 1 extends to all of humanity, even in a post-Fall world. After a brief… Read more »

Terry Wogan’s ‘indisputable fact’ disputed

Terry Wogan wrote an article on the obesity crisis, asking if it really is the curse of modern Britain.  Interesting, but he ends with the ‘indisputable fact that our cavemen ancestors never knew alcohol nor the noxious weed, ate nothing but wild berries and fruit, got all the exercise they needed running away from wild… Read more »

‘Gay’ birds and media spin – again

Several years back, I posted about newspaper articles on ‘gay’ albatrosses in which I pointed out the rather dubious rhetoric and logic used.  Well, ‘gay’ birds are back on the radar again, but this time it is the term of zebra finches to be ‘gayified’.  Once again Metro’s ‘Minicosm’ has chosen to make this an… Read more »

Letter to the Media re Norway shooting reporting

Dear Editor, Whilst reading the coverage of the awful events in Norway, I noticed a repeated phrase in media reports and comment, including that of the Daily Mail, to the effect that the shooter was a ‘right-wing Christian fundamentalist extremist’. Right-wing and extreme is without question, but the ‘Christian fundamentalist’ is factually false. A Christian… Read more »

Why half the CofE is committing suicide

Ah Pentecost!  The day when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower the church for the telling of the glorious good news that Jesus came and is the only way to salvation.  Except in the Church of England it seems.  Today, the visiting vicar, fresh from celebrating 50 years of ‘priesting’, chose… Read more »

Metro MiniCosm, Sci-Fi and desperate speculation

If you know what you are looking for, the free Metro newspapers mini-cosm feature can be very revealing.  So many of  the ‘science’ reports are a little long on speculation, a little short on fact, particularly the copious evolution related ones.  For instance in the 31st March 2011 edition, (it’s a while ago, I know),… Read more »

Richard Rives Twisting Tertullian

These days the big think in many conservative evangelical circles is to excavate ‘true Christianity’ from 20 centuries of pagan contamination.  While I can sympathize with the sentiment, there’s an awful lot of specious rubbish in the movement.  Any possible early church father quote is used to demonstrate early contamination with pagan ideas, and anything… Read more »

Delusional Newcastle Socialist

I found this article from way back a couple of years ago, before my host crashed and wiped all my posts. Pretty much every Saturday there are socialist campaigners and activists at the Monument in Newcastle. It’s interesting to watch the flags. Always Cuba, frequently Palestine, but now I’m seeing the flag of those lovely… Read more »

A Wedding Blessing

May the grace of the Father, the creator of all, the source of all love, send you aid from the glories of heaven above May the goodness of the Son, Jesus Messiah, upon you fully bestow all the sustenance from the earth below May the fire of the Spirit, the ground of being and grace,… Read more »

All’s alright sexually…. we’ve proved it!

I found a newspaper article about a study on what people want in sex. does nothing of the sort, because it only measures searches on sexual terms that people use, not what proportion they are of the population, nor what proportion have sexual addiction or mental health issues.  In other words the research by definition… Read more »