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Guardian does it again!

The Guardian does it again.  It seems like they have managed to twist reality with selective facts in their article ‘Jerusalem issue ‘a red line’ says Jordan’s king’ on 17 March 2010.  Admittedly it was about Arab reactions to an event, but even so…. talk about one-sided.  The event in question is the rebuilding of a synagogue on a site where there had been a synagogue 1800 years ago.  (The article says 17th Century, and it is true that a synagogue was rebuilt at that time, and has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since then, but the history goes way back, to more than 300 years before Mohammed and Islam).  It reports only that the Palestinians and Muslims are regarding this as a great provocation and an ‘attack on Muslim holy sites’ and agitating for action, stirring up riots over the issue (Hamas at the forefront).  There is no balance to the article – nothing about the reality of the situation – that a rebuilding of an ancient synagogue most recently destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948, at the heart of the Jewish quarter of the city, 700 metres from the supposedly ‘under threat’ Al Aqsa mosque that Muslims are being urged to defend.  Although even in the Guardian article, you can see that the riots are an orchestrated attack.   This is just like the Infitada that started when Israel opened a second tunnel entrance for some archaeological digs (with prior agreement with the Palestinians) a long way from the disputed holy site, with pre-arranged rocks ready for ‘spontaneous riots’.  What Arafat has done at least once, Hamas is trying to repeat again….  And the Guardian is virtually repeating the propaganda verbatim by the looks of it.