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Young Caves, Old Misconceptions – Event

A former head of the worlds first Speleological Institute (Speleology means the study of caves), is coming to speak in Newcastle on May 6th.  Yes, that is the election night, so if you want to avoid the fever between voting and watching the results come out, this might be just the distraction you are looking for.  A dry old talk about caves?  Well, actually dry and old are the last words to describe this talk.  Wet and young is more appropriate by far!  Dr Emil Silvestru hails from Romania, where he earned his PhD, and headed up that Speleological Institute, but now lives and works in Canada.  He has several areas of expertise, including karstology (the study of a spectacular form of limestone and dolomite formations), and cave glaciology.  During his time he has published over 40 articles in science journals as well as having written ‘The Cave Book’ and co-authored several other books, and oh yes – he became a young-earth creationist – hence old and dry are not the words to use about the talk he is giving, since it involves demonstrating that the timescales usually used to depict the formation of caves are wrong, due mainly to the effects of the global flood described in Genesis.  And since a large proportion of the world’s caves are in Karst areas, he is well placed to talk on the topic.

For more information on the talk you can see here – this is the site of the group hosting Dr Silvestru.  For more on Dr Silvestru, see here including details of his scientific publications.

The event details are

7:30pm Thursday 6th May.

St Stephen’s Church, Clumber Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7ST

Here is a map – which includes links for directions for those coming from the South and the North (aren’t one-way systems fun!)

Hope to see you there!