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What’s the word on Climate Change?

Metro Newspaper yet again. Thursday March 10th with a title as above. It says
‘More people believe in climate change than global warming – even though it is the same thing, a new study suggests. Almost 75 percent of people said they believed in the phenomenon of changing temperatures across the globe when it was referred to as ‘climate change’. But this figure dropped to 68 per cent when the problem was called ‘global warming’, psychologists at the University of Michigan found. American researcher Jonathon Schuldt said : ‘An unusually cold day may increase doubts aboout global warming more so than about climate change.’
You could say that!
Do you remember how it was all ‘global warming’ all the way, until a few years ago. Then suddenly everything changed and it was ‘climate change’. About just before scientists who believe that sun-spot cycles were the main driver predicted that there would be a the start of a reversal, if I recall correctly.
Maybe, someone psychologically sneaky was paying attention…..