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Terry Wogan’s ‘indisputable fact’ disputed

Terry Wogan wrote an article on the obesity crisis, asking if it really is the curse of modern Britain.  Interesting, but he ends with the ‘indisputable fact that our cavemen ancestors never knew alcohol nor the noxious weed, ate nothing but wild berries and fruit, got all the exercise they needed running away from wild animals and each other, and never saw the other side of 35′

One question – how does he know they ‘never saw the other side of 35?  How can any scientist know that.  Ditto on the alcohol.  Scientists reckon that the ancient ‘cave men’ had an average lifespan less than 35 because they believe that many children died young.  Assuming they are right – surely it is arrived at by indirect inference –  that means those that survived were likely to live beyond 35.  A truly indisputable fact then Mr Wogan