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What He Wants

Nathanael would be interested in hearing from those who wish to collaborate or partner in creative efforts, or who can offer help in church / charity / development / human rights work (these latter would usually be on a volunteer basis). In particular he would like to hear from translators / translator checkers in the following languages – French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and even more especially Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi and Indonesian and North African languages.

Nathanael would be interested in collaborations – informal or formal – with film and documentary makers, musicians of all types, but especially folk, ethnic and classical, creative writers and the like. He is also interested in getting help from people with experience in various audio and video editing / mixing software. He has special interests in ancient history and bible-related matters, and matters to do with Pakistan.

He also has a development project in mind that needs input from IT engineers software writers (and perhaps IT security experts), educationalists and literacy experts, development experts and health and counselling experts. The idea is to reach people without access to education or literacy skills to educate them generally using tablet type technology both in literacy and basic mathematics, but also in entrepreneurship, basic health and hygiene, trauma relief and other useful material. Please contact Nathanael through the contact form, and even if the time is not yet right for your skills and knowledge, contact can be made at the appropriate time.