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What He Can Do

I can do live events – whether it is a conventional concert, or playing background piano music for a meal or restaurant or function, or spoken word – talks, poetry readings and the like, and of course, I can do a mix. A mix of music and talk or poetry at a church event, or adult education event will go well.

You can ask for one of my ‘Music and Musings’ – a medley of melodic music and poems and / or thoughts on a topic or theme, or you can ask for ‘Shaddai Shammah’, a Hebrew term roughly translated as ‘The Present Provider’ or the ‘Near Nurturer’, which is a program of music and word that focuses in on the healing power of God’s love.

Special areas of interest are the Origins controversy in faith and science, the book of Genesis, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and understanding Jesus and the New Testament against their Jewish background, bible and historicity issues generally, the Israeli-Arab / Palestinian conflict, countering Islamic Dawah, Islam and the suffering church / human rights, particularly in Pakistan.

You can also ask me to write a poem, a song, a choral or instrumental piece, an article, or to do research, ghost write, proof read and more. A webcast or pre-recorded talk is also a possibility.

I may also be able to arrange things like bespoke ebooks where you can select which bits of my work you are interested in. I have contacts with a small network of several varieties of graphic designers, artists, web developers and the like so I can put you onto them if your creative desire is something I can’t fully deal with myself.

In addition, there is a commercial website in the works, and I may be able to sell downloadable creative products, so if you want a portal to sell your own creations, whether audio-visual or written, I will consider any work that fits with the ethos of the site.

For more details about how I work, particularly for live events, see the next section ‘How he operates