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How He Operates

Live events

If you want me to come and speak or perform, the deal is, you pay my transport and accommodation costs or provide the transport and accommodation (I am reliant on public transport and don’t drive, unfortunately). I am based in the North East of England, and the further away you are from there, the greater the transport price, so if you can work together with other groups to let me do a series of events, it might help make it more economic for you. I will then additionally charge a set hourly price, which will be agreed in advance, but can be negotiated somewhat depending on the nature of the event and your group. If you want me to play piano, it’s best if you provide the piano or keyboard – keyboards must be touch sensitive and reasonably high quality, preferably with full-size keys. If it is a piano, I’m not a fan of really heavy and stiff keys. I can in absolute necessity bring along a basic large keyboard, but it is a hassle and awkward, and that will be reflected in the price.

Commissions and other non-live jobs

Prices / rates negotiable / variable depending on the type, size, complexity and timescale; also, since I will have to fit them in around a day job and my human rights work, you should make your request as early as possible for me to consider for acceptance. If it is for a creation that generates ongoing income, I will require a small percentage of any related income, a percentage that will vary, but in part will be charged on exclusivity (if you sell solely through my websites, I will ask for a lower percentage), but I will take into consideration what I have already charged. So, for instance, if I charge £60 to write a song for you with 2% of any profits, and you start getting income from that song, whether it be a single, in an album, through live performances, or indeed sale of scores, and you made £2500 in the first year from it, and another £1000 the next year, then in the first year, 2% of £2500 would be £50, but since I have already charged £60, there is nothing extra to pay. 2% of £1000 the second year would be £20. £10 of that would be covered by the original £60 charge, and you would owe me £10, and then 2% of relevant income every year thereafter. Where it is not straightforward to work out – for instance, the song is one of a number in your album, then we can go for either a simple flatrate (so if there were 10 songs in the album, 10% of the income from that album is counted as from the song, and profits worked out accordingly) or proportional rates (so if the album lasted 50 minutes, and my song was 10 minutes, then 20% of the income would be from my song). Whilst this may seem complex, what it means is that a) I can keep my charges as low as I can for everyone, because I gain income from creations that do well and b) I share in the profit if something does well, which only seems fair. In these kinds of cases, you will have to sign a contract which will require you to keep careful records (which you kind of should be for tax reasons in any case) and be open and honest and timely about disclosing relevant income, and which will have penalties for non-disclosure. In many cases, I will also be able to sell through my planned commercial website – www.melodyofthemind.com as a client, in which case we need to discuss your options (see below).

Sales and Advertising

If you wish to sell your creative product, whether one created by me, or by yourself, through my website(s) then see the conditions set out at www.melodyofthemind.com. As a general rule you will get greater percentage of sales through the website if you sell exclusively through us and / or your own personal website, but if you wish to sell through other outlets, that’s not usually a problem – you’ll just get a lower percentage. I will not normally allow advertising in any of my sites, but I will consider any request on criteria of suitability that will include if it matches the ethos of the site and the nature of what is being advertised, and exceptions may be made.

Collaborations and partnerships

If I work on a project with you that is profit making (rather than purely human rights related) in any way, you can expect me to be fair, and to work out payments / profits on a shared risk basis, similar to the principles in the commissions section above. Thus, everyone involved should keep record of direct expenses on the project (not normally man hours), and income will go to cover expenses first, before profits will be shared according to previously agreed proportions. We will talk about all this if you get in touch to partner or collaborate.