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I was brought up in South Lincolnshire, and from a young age have been an avid reader, despite having to put up with three younger brothers and two younger sisters. I attended St Andrews University and managed by dint of some sporadically hard work to get a Master of Theology honours degree, and now live in Northumberland, and work in a job that involves a computer, a phone and money. To make up for that, I have done a few other things, summarized in the website heading above and elaborated on below. I attend a Pentecostal church, my local Anglican church when I can get up in the morning, and sometimes also attend a local Messianic Jewish meeting.

I got involved in helping Pakistani Christians who are badly persecuted, and have become something of an expert in their situation. I am co-author of ‘The Targeting of Minority Others in Pakistan’, published by the British Pakistani Christian Association – I wrote about the situation of Christians, about a third of the book, and I spoke at its launch in the House of Commons. I also do research, press releases and other writing for them, including writing expert reports for asylum appeal hearings at the request of solicitors. So far, we seem to have had 100% success rate. I have also written material that has been incorporated into the Country of Origin reports on Pakistani Christians for both Canada, and to a lesser extent the UK. In addition, I have also drawn up Early Day Motions on the subject for interested MP’s. I also wrote a report that was presented to Dutch politicians and contributed to the decision of Holland to give special status to Pakistani Christian refugees.

In addition, I have written well over 100 poems and hundreds of worship songs (of varying quality, I admit), and a few other songs, works for choir, string trio and quartets, plus a few piano and harp pieces, among other things. I also play classical / easy listening improvisational piano, where I just make it up as I go along, which has won much praise.

I have also preached or given talks at Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist churches, as well as given seminars at a Messianic Jewish conference. Topics have included the situation of Christians in Pakistan, the resurrection of Jesus as the birth of the new creation, the return of Jesus, the theology of the Creator and Genesis, the structure and authorship of Genesis, and the use of ‘Day’ in Genesis chapter one.

As well as having written at least one short story, and a drama sketch, I am the author of three books, the first being ‘Da Vinci Da-bunked’ about the best selling allegedly fact-based novel from a few years back, which although unpublished was highly praised by the commissioning agent of ‘The Heavenly Man’ for clearly presenting complex arguments in a highly readable fashion. He stated that it was much better than most of the similar books on the topic, but unfortunately they had already saturated the market. However, the same skill in clearly presenting complex arguments is being praised by readers of my recently published book ‘Rapture Rupture! : The Big Lie Behind ‘Left Behind’ Exposed’ in which I expose a deadly dangerous and popular end-times deception – a false teaching that unfortunately is taught by many ‘bible-believing’ churches as true biblical teaching when it is anything but, with feedback by readers being very positive indeed.  A sequel ‘Falsifying the Fathers’ on the same topic in the early church fathers will be out shortly. 

In addition, I have been published in one peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Creation, on the subject of Paul’s use of certain Old Testament passages, I once won a competition to guest edit an edition of Idea magazine, the magazine of Evangelical Alliance UK, which I did on the subject of ‘Crisis of Masculinity’. Theologically I have several areas of interest – Faith and Science, the bible and Origins, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and Jewish-Christian relations, Israel, Islam, feminism, Jesus’ family, eschatology, and theology and public life. More widely, my interests include ancient history, recent history, including international affairs, espionage, so-called ‘culture wars’ and the odd conspiracy theory here and there (but I don’t believe the Queen is a shape-shifting lizard alien, you may like to know!). I also like trains (and sugar, too much), and did I say, I like reading.

Other Information :

Relationship status – none of your business 🙂  

Age – ditto – older than I’d like

Weight and waist-line – ditto – greater than they should be.

Other experience and skills. I’ve worked in exciting jobs in – er, fruit packing, order picking, cleaning, food service, customer service, fork-lift truck driving (a very foolish employer that – I managed to crash a fork lift on a brand new straight road with no other vehicle in sight – don’t ask!) and debt collection.